Protecting Your Transaction

We use the latest technology to be sure all transactions are secure. Here are just a few of the ways we protect you and the data you submit to us.

SSL Technology Protects Your Transactions

We use technology called Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) that "encrypts" any data transmitted between you and us as long as the Web Browser you're using also supports SSL. All the most popular Browsers support SSL in recent versions.

Encrypted data is much harder to decode than regular data, making it much less attractive to a hacker. Before you actually submit your information to us, your Browser encrypts the data. It remains encrypted during the transmission and then it is decoded by our Web Server when it is received.

In order to use SSL, we had to apply for the privilege to conduct Electronic Commerce and go through a strict approval process to obtain a digital certificate. Our digital certificate was issued by an authorized security service after we proved we were a legitimate business. The digital certificate was then installed on our Web Server so that from now on, we can offer you the security of SSL.

How Use Cookies

Cookies are another place where web application programs can store data submitted to a Web Server. They can be placed either on your computer or the Web Server.

We create temporary cookies while you are online with us. These cookies make our ordering process possible, and contain only identification information about our customers. We even go the extra step of encrypting the data stored in our cookies.

When you disconnect from the internet, or exit your Browser, our temporary cookies are destroyed.

Other Security Measures On The Internet

Here are some of the other ways you can tell if you're engaged in a secure transaction. For example:

Most reputable Web sites advertise their security features prominently.
A secure URL will begin with https://etc.etc.etc., while a URL of a non-secure web transaction will begin with http://etc.etc.etc.

Many Browsers have visual indicators to let you know that an SSL transaction is in progress. Look for an icon of a whole lock or a key (unlocked locks or broken keys indicate a non-secure environment).
Some Browsers use a dialog box to alert you to the fact that you are accessing a secure Web server.

Privacy On The Web

We maintain a firm commitment to your privacy. Privacy refers to the information we gather about you, and how that information may be used. Any information captured as part of your ordering process will not be shared with any other entity other than our order fulfillment partner. We also have a security statement that describes how sensitive information is kept safe and secure.